Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This just in!

We interrupt your normal broadcast for a very important message - I have two new adorable gerbils! I've also taken the dorky liberty of naming them after the 6th boss(es) of Hall of Survivors: Sydaphex and Mantarick!

This one is Sylphadex - or Silly for short. I know I know, the boss is really named Sydafex...I called it Sylphadex one day and it just stuck. Decided to name her just so because her fur is nearly the same color as the boss's wings ;] Silly's very active and very fun to watch, her latest hobby is to run really fast on her wheel and attempt to do flips and cartwheels.

And now this one is Mantarick - or Mana. Between the two gerbils, she's much more calm and mellow. She'd much rather sleep in her house, or eat a few sunflower seeds in a corner than to race around with her hyperactive sister!

Aaaaaaand now here's the real Sydafex and Mantarick! I'd say my gerbils are the spitting image of them, lol. Look, even my Mana has the same feather on her head as the horse!

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