Monday, January 10, 2011

Frostwood Valley

Say 'Hello' to the Frost Snowman King, Ruler of Frostwood Valley! I was semi-afk at the guild library when I saw a banner saying that this dude was up and about in Aslan - so I dragged Snypz along with me to nab a screenshot of him before the Holiday Events were over.

Unfortunately, Frosty the Snowman was not a jolly, happy soul. I got a little too close trying to take a good screenshot when I accidentally aggro'd him and was turned into a mini-snowgirl as a consequence. If I remember correctly, Frosty had about 700-800k HP, and from circulating rumors I've heard that he could only be beat by collecting the snowballs scattered around him and chucking it at him. Snypz and I did that for a little, until we figured out we could indeed dps him normally.


Frosty turns into a good Snow Fairy, who'da thunk? ;p For beating him you get two Goody-Goody Certificates and a few Candycanes. (I was secretly wishing for some cute costume drops though! D:) Snypz over here is about to keel over with sheer shock - Frosty's buttons have disappeared!

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