Saturday, February 26, 2011


I don't think I have to say anything.


This. Is SUCH. A tease.
It's times like this which almost make me break for a Golden Repair Hammer

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bibliophilia IV

Book Buried in the Sand

The Riddles of History
Over ten years ago, General Drake Angerfang went on a campaign. Everyone was hopeful that the general would return triumphant, but in the end only Skarbar Sharpclaw returned with a handful of survivors.

Skarbar told everyone that General Drake was killed by Zanka in Zanka's Dune, and most of the soldiers died as well.

This was shocking news, because we had all seen that General Drake was heading out to suppress the banditry of the Rotteneye tribe. Why had they suddenly changed course to Zanka's Dune to attack Zanka?

Some said that the Rotteneyes were behind it all. That they had tricked the general into attacking Zanka, knowing all along that he would be eaten alive. But wasn't Drake too smart to fall for such a trick?

The answer to that question, along with Drake's bones, have all been buried beneath the sands of time.

After the death of General Drake, everyone urged the wise Skarbar to become our new lord.

Yes, I said, "wise." While Drake still ruled, Skarbar was a reliable advisor, and his fame was only secondary to Drake himself.

After the well-loved Skarbar took up his post, he re-outfitted the army to prepare for an attack on Zanka, to avenge the death of Drake. Of course there was no shortage of enthusiasm for the campaign, and volunteers joined the newly reformed army in droves. The Angerfang Clan was particularly fervent, and nearly all of them volunteered to join Limon. The Sharpclaws were active as well, particularly in support and logistics, but none could match the numbers of the Angerfangs on the frontline.

At the same time, no one thought too much about it. We just figured that Skarbar knew that the Angerfangs wanted vengeance more than most, and would thus make the most stalwart troops for the frontline.

This campaign, like the first, did not go well.

The army was bitterly defeated, and the Angerfangs were nearly wiped out. Not only was General Drake not avenged, but the entire country suffered a major blow. Skarbar announced that he would not send another expedition until a more fit and able army could be assembled.

It was about that time that Skarbar began sending squadrons to Zanka's Dune for military exercises. While there wasn't a repetition of the previous tragedies, each expedition saw some loss of life. But the bodies of the dead were never brought back, which caused some consternation among all of us.

When General Drake died, his body was never found. Over a hundred soldiers were set off to battle Zanka, but less than 30 bodies were recovered.

Even more strange was the fact that none of us ever discovered the bodies of the fallen Zanka's Dune. It all added up to a tangled mystery which none could unravel.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hai girlfriend!

I'm like, totally enjoying myself here in Hawaii! Mom and Dad putter off to buy lame tourist T-shirts and bobble-head souvenirs, giving me plenty of time to go hunting for some hot surfer boys.

My brother is a lame noob though, he stays inside the hotel room all day and plays that stupid RoM game instead of trying to not be a virgin anymore.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bibliophilia III

[Sonny's Work Log]

Recorder No. 16

Tracking Project: Study Zanka

Progress Report Day 10: No progress.
How can these incompetent people stay in the organization?

Progress Report Day 19: Still no progress.
The stupid controllers still can't think of a way to injure Zanka, but they smugly say they found some interesting stone tablet fragments. Who cares?

Oh, maybe those disgusting experimenters will like them, but I'm not interested.

Bibliophilia II

[Saar's Work Log]

Controller No. 34

Mission Log: Attack Zanka

Mission Execution Day 17:
I knew from the start that these inferior puppet soldiers woldn't be able to defeat Zanka. If it was for that half-dragon causing trouble, we'd still have powerful puppet soldiers.

I'm not optimistic about the outcome of this mission. If we continue to lose puppet soliders at this rate, I'm afraid we won't be able to complete the mission.

Fortunately, we found some stone tablet fragments in the cave of Zanka to distract those impatient experimenters so they won't come annoy me.


I've made it a point from the moment I started RoM to collect and save every and any book I come across. The result of this habit is an over-crowded bank box that desperately needs space for stat storage. So now I've decided to transcribe the contents of the books I collect so I can feel less bad about trashing them, ahaha! I love to archive, and maybe this will give other players a chance to actually peruse through text they haven't otherwise read before :]

[Guy's Work Log]

Experimenter No. 62

Subject: Fusion of Zanka and the specimen

Experiment Day 20:
We still can't get near's all the fault of those corpse controllers!

I don't care how many puppet troops they lose in attacking Zanka. I just care about when they'll get me close to Zanka so I can experiment!

If it wasn't for the fact that they keep bringing interesting stone tablet fragments from that dragon's cave, I'd hit them with a rotten tendon to show my dissatisfaction.

Experiment Day 23:
That damn annoying incompetent recorder came to push me to turn in my work log again!

Why don't they go tell the controllers? Tell them to wound Zanka! Otherwise, how can I get close to Zanka?

Speaking of those stupid controllers, how many corpses are they going to use to kill Zanka? The situation doesn't look good, and there are fewer and fewer corpses. Don't tell me they ahve to spend a few days collecting corpses to make more puppet soldiers.

I only have these stone tablet fragments to ease my frustration.

Experiment Day 27
From what I can gather from the contents of these stone tablets, it seems they are a record relating to Fernando Cosmo. Fernando Cosmo once went to the cave of Zanka to investigate what kind of wisdom the lindworm possessed.

This is very interesting. Perhaps I can hypothesise* that Fernando Cosmo was able to transform into a half-dragon using the blood of the highly intelligent lindworm Zanka.

Yes, maybe the blood of Zanka can increase the possibility of creating a half-dragon...not a bad plan for a new experiment.

Experiment Day 29:
Damn, those controllers really do have to waste a few days to make more puppet troops!?

When will I be able to begin my experimental fusion of Zanka and the specimen?

That annoying recorder was buzzing around me like a mosquito all day. Don't these controllers want to order the corpses to go kill the recorder?

Experiment Day 31:
If it was possible, I'd kill those stupid controllers myself!

If they really can't kill Zanka, can't they at least get some of its blood for my experiment? What use is the blood on a knife blade?

Have they never heard of bottles?

Never mind, I don't care. Whenever those idiot controllers can kill Zanka, that's when I'll start working.

It's not my fault I can't start the experiment. Those recorders can go to hell!

*Note: Typographical errors found in the text are left as-is.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Triple Class System

It has been confirmed - the release of Chapter IV scheduled for April 6th will not only bring in a new map and starter area, but it was also introduce a TRIPLE class system. Confirmation is in The RoMCast #6. Also pay very close attention from 13:00-13:40. He says it somewhat quickly in passing, but if you listen carefully you'll hear that not only will you have the General Skills and Class Specific Skills for both your current primary and active secondary class, you will also have the General Skills from your tertiary (third) class. Blow your mind much?

Then again, he did mention in the beginning that this is his interpretation of what the new patch is going to bring. This is in no way a developer's podcast, and maybe....just maybe.....Swag is trying to stir up a little fuss for more RoM publicity ;p


The RoMCast got a bunch of us a bit confused. We won't have access to the general skills of our third class, we can only have two classes activated at any given moment, just like it is now. BUT, I am still under the impression that we will get all the general and class specific skills from our active secondary class. See below screenshot for some details from GM Nytefall.

The bane of all lowbies.

Fondly known as: Lulz, I Chain Fear U.

From the trio of dailies which arrived with the Festival of Fire came this beast of a quest! Because Thysdyr is unable to be killed with our normal attacks, we have to pick up a quest which gives us a "Pyre Magic Ball" to cast and use to take the lion down. Now, not only does this lion chain fear, but he also stuns you for a few seconds, and puts a pretty unpleasant DoT on you as well (I've seen lv62's get ticked down to below 1/4 of their life, lol). As you can see from the screenshot, he has a pretty big AoE range - so lowbies beware! He WILL quickly kill you!

There are currently two locations I know where Thysdyr spawns: one is directly northwest of Dorian's Farm in Silverspring, and the other is right by the entrance to Ravenfell from Silverspring (right next to Yuri). Sometimes you need to kill him twice if the quest item doesn't drop for you from the first kill.

Imo, the fire dailies are really worth doing. By doing three, quick quests and handing the vouchers you receive from them, you have a chance of winning Bank Slot Scrolls, Bag Slot Scrolls, Lanterns (furniture), Phoenix Redemption Tickets, Guild Teleport Stones, Teleport Stones, runes....or if you're lucky, you get a 7-day Thysdyr mount, lol. Tame that bad boy!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011 Mention

Best. Valentine's Day. Gift. Ever.

I definitely wasn't expecting to find my blog mentioned in a post on, not to mention a little screenshot of it too! For a moment I thought that Chrome was glitching out on me. Thankfully it wasn't!

(guess this means I better start updating again!)