Friday, January 21, 2011

Flan's Cafe

Welcome to Flan's Cafe & Coffee Shoppe! Sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy the warm and indy atmosphere! Were you looking for a bite to eat? Please pull up one of our menu's and take a look at our seletion - our specialty is sweets and treats!


Rh'anka Raspberry Stack

Buttermilk pancakes baked with raspberries collected from Northern Janost Forest, cradled in raspberry jam. Layered with whipped cream and topped with powdered sugar.

(Price: 500g)

Rashka Rumcake

Made with rum secretly bartered from the Angren Guards in Rashka Temple. Glazed with your choice of crystallized maple, caramel, or powdered sugar.

(Price: 1,500g)

Black Forestsong Cake

Dark velvet version of the Forestsong Soft Cake. Warm cream cheese frosting on top, decorated with raspberries from Rh'anka Village.

(Price: 900g)

Apple Caramelized Chicken

Roast whole chicken on a bed of peeled Dalanis Apples, basted in the Chef's Special Marinating Sauce. Served with peeled light caramel apples on the side.

(Price: 2,000g)

Crispy Parmesan Chicken

Deep fried whole chicken, basted in butter made with Silverspring Milk. Topped with a melted Parmesan and garlic mix.

(Price: 1,900g)

No need to worry about your plates - our resident busboy, Lagspike, will gladly clear the table for you! Feel free to use and abuse him as you see fit.

(It is acceptable to tip him with Phirius Tokens!)

Thank you for visiting my little corner cafe! Now please excuse me, I need to explain to the head pastry chef why I can't use my staff to stir batter and roll out the dough.

(Don't you know where my staff has been??)


  1. Next time someone doesn't tip... PK is going up.