Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cid, where are you?

I think, instead of Snoop portals, RoM should incorporate more airships. Why is it that the Elven Island is the only place to use them? I request a pink one for Varanas, please!

For example, we need more docks like this! An elaborate airship for Obsidian Stronghold, and maybe a few less-fancy airship towers in the smaller towns. Kind of like the airship ferry from Orgrimmar to Undercity in WoW.

How many of you actually took a look up and back after you arrived from the Elven Island? After the few months I've been playing RoM, this is the first time I realized there was a lovely, sparkly airship dock hiding in the corner =x

Friday, January 21, 2011

Flan's Cafe

Welcome to Flan's Cafe & Coffee Shoppe! Sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy the warm and indy atmosphere! Were you looking for a bite to eat? Please pull up one of our menu's and take a look at our seletion - our specialty is sweets and treats!


Rh'anka Raspberry Stack

Buttermilk pancakes baked with raspberries collected from Northern Janost Forest, cradled in raspberry jam. Layered with whipped cream and topped with powdered sugar.

(Price: 500g)

Rashka Rumcake

Made with rum secretly bartered from the Angren Guards in Rashka Temple. Glazed with your choice of crystallized maple, caramel, or powdered sugar.

(Price: 1,500g)

Black Forestsong Cake

Dark velvet version of the Forestsong Soft Cake. Warm cream cheese frosting on top, decorated with raspberries from Rh'anka Village.

(Price: 900g)

Apple Caramelized Chicken

Roast whole chicken on a bed of peeled Dalanis Apples, basted in the Chef's Special Marinating Sauce. Served with peeled light caramel apples on the side.

(Price: 2,000g)

Crispy Parmesan Chicken

Deep fried whole chicken, basted in butter made with Silverspring Milk. Topped with a melted Parmesan and garlic mix.

(Price: 1,900g)

No need to worry about your plates - our resident busboy, Lagspike, will gladly clear the table for you! Feel free to use and abuse him as you see fit.

(It is acceptable to tip him with Phirius Tokens!)

Thank you for visiting my little corner cafe! Now please excuse me, I need to explain to the head pastry chef why I can't use my staff to stir batter and roll out the dough.

(Don't you know where my staff has been??)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Holiday Mug Shot

- Omni: Santa's Elf
- Shadow: Gingerbread Man
- Arte: Santa
- Trital: Rudolf

Not delivering Flan their daily cookie sacrifice, cake and muffin offering, and for interrupting while Flan eats her nightly bowl of cereal.

They are to be locked in HoS with no food or water, and their lives filmed to be put on a Survivor-type show.

(I predict the Gingerbread Man is first to go)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hall of the Demon Lord, down!!

Woohoo! Only a few days after we first set foot into Hall of the Demon Lord (Aotulia Volcano), we cleared it! I can now officially say that the Artisans has cleared every single instance from Windmill to HoDL! Though we got brutally murdered in RT, we're slowly progressing through it. Slowlyyyyy!

Below is the guildie group shot around the body of Sirloth - minus Crunkk! He had to leave right as soon as we downed him :[ It's okay Crunkk, I got a separate screenshot of you! Let's see...for us, this boss dropped and OD Knight's Falcon Chest Piece, the Holy Source Robe, and a Sword of Fear. Come to think of it, we got some really nice loot this time around - OD Holy Source Hat, OD Peril Buster, Atrocity Shoulders...there's more, but that's about all I remember, lol

Aaaand here's Crunkk! Thanks for coming along, and bringing your leet dps! (and there's me in the background >:] )

Thought this was a pretty cool shot. I took a little inspiration from this blog and took a screenshot of the ceiling in Sirloth's room. I think my view distance is a little further, because in my screenshot you can see the snakes dangling from the ceiling like a chandelier... Hot or not? Will we be seeing this in Spring IKEA Catalogue soon? ;p

Next is my throne. I mean, Sirloth's throne. It's a shame it's all the way across a chasm of molten lava, else I would have taken a screenshot with me sitting in my rightful place. :'[ Does this call for a wall-hack installation? (jk!)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Serpenta the Slayer

Sectioneightt, Forgottenshadow, Bogle and I were there to witness Serpenta solo the first boss in DoD, Mad Man Mallen! It was too funny hearing vent blow up about this, lol. I should have taken a screenshot of Snake's buffs, darn! One of my favorites was the little Gingerbread Man Transformation Potion - wish he would have taken a fullness potion so he'd be easier to see!

As for the rest of us, we just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the show. Someone get Bogle some popcorn!

(I am in my offgear!)

Go, go, go little Gingerbread, go! Snake kited Okander around the perimeter of the arena. Round, and round, and round, and round....and round.......and round..........

Notice here we're all dead - either a Leap or a Chaos Sound Wave got us, lol

And to the victor goes the spoils! It took Snake about 12-13minutes to down him, and Okander had already enraged. Here he has taken off the Gingerbread potion and is triumphantly posing next to Okander's corpse. Needless to say, I enjoyed taking it easy for my mementos this time around ;]

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Harf Jars

How close do you really look at the in-game decoration? While this game initially feels like WoW, I've always enjoyed being able to go into cute little buildings and playing 'house,' ahaha (something that you couldn't really do much in WoW)! I stumble upon little gems sometimes, and it never ceases to impress me. Take the jars in a Harf Trading Post shop -

I was messing around with a Red PKer in Harf one afternoon, and my viewscreen somehow accidentally angled to such a point where I noticed something in the jars.

On the top shelf held what seems to be a few jars of gloop, and then these two. The one to the left seems to contain some kind of leaf-bug creature. I don't think I've seen that type of mob model on the map - anyone else recognize it? Then the next jar has a lovely pickled toad for sale. I'll take two, please!

The bottom shelf has some funkier stuff. Apparently the shopkeeper likes to sell pickled monster heads and pumpkins along with her usual jam and various knickknacks. Again, has anyone seen the model from which his head belongs to? I find it hard to believe they'd create completely new graphics just for a head-in-the-jar decoration, lol

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The One, The Only

Hall of the Demon Lord

The first successful guildie group to run HoDL! Posing is done by yours truly, I'm getting the hang of making things look good. Props to my party for humoring me, ahaha
(I see you, GT, way up in the back!)

Such preeettttyyy colors in this instance! And the bosses are easy too! The hardest part of this instance are the parts where you have to disable the alarm systems...but once you get past that, it's smooth sailing!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taborea Trivia

The theme! Can you name any of these places? (scrollover the image to see the answer)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Frostwood Valley

Say 'Hello' to the Frost Snowman King, Ruler of Frostwood Valley! I was semi-afk at the guild library when I saw a banner saying that this dude was up and about in Aslan - so I dragged Snypz along with me to nab a screenshot of him before the Holiday Events were over.

Unfortunately, Frosty the Snowman was not a jolly, happy soul. I got a little too close trying to take a good screenshot when I accidentally aggro'd him and was turned into a mini-snowgirl as a consequence. If I remember correctly, Frosty had about 700-800k HP, and from circulating rumors I've heard that he could only be beat by collecting the snowballs scattered around him and chucking it at him. Snypz and I did that for a little, until we figured out we could indeed dps him normally.


Frosty turns into a good Snow Fairy, who'da thunk? ;p For beating him you get two Goody-Goody Certificates and a few Candycanes. (I was secretly wishing for some cute costume drops though! D:) Snypz over here is about to keel over with sheer shock - Frosty's buttons have disappeared!

Saturday, January 8, 2011



Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fond Memories

The next time you're fighting Lady Hansis in ZS, do remember to look up.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This just in!

We interrupt your normal broadcast for a very important message - I have two new adorable gerbils! I've also taken the dorky liberty of naming them after the 6th boss(es) of Hall of Survivors: Sydaphex and Mantarick!

This one is Sylphadex - or Silly for short. I know I know, the boss is really named Sydafex...I called it Sylphadex one day and it just stuck. Decided to name her just so because her fur is nearly the same color as the boss's wings ;] Silly's very active and very fun to watch, her latest hobby is to run really fast on her wheel and attempt to do flips and cartwheels.

And now this one is Mantarick - or Mana. Between the two gerbils, she's much more calm and mellow. She'd much rather sleep in her house, or eat a few sunflower seeds in a corner than to race around with her hyperactive sister!

Aaaaaaand now here's the real Sydafex and Mantarick! I'd say my gerbils are the spitting image of them, lol. Look, even my Mana has the same feather on her head as the horse!

A Whisper of Light

Monday, January 3, 2011

Multiple Choice

Using the image displayed, which of the following is the most dangerous:

a) Sword
b) Staff
c) One Carrot
d) Barrel of Carrots

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Gingerbread House

Haaaaaaaapppy New Year, from the Gingerbread People of Varanas! :D
(Jeannebella, Errsela, Xhaia, Cloakndagger, Flan, Forwardbackslash...with a Holycat photobomb!)

We built a few snow men, roasted a few marshmallows and had a nice cup of hot cocoa. Soon, we heard a knock at our little gumdrop door - Mr. Frogger decided to pay our little Gingerbread House a visit! Please, somebody tell him that frogs do not eat sweets! We need a place to live in!

We managed to shoo Mr. Frogger away with minimal peppermint and sugarplum casualties - only to be met by a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Quick, hop into the Hummer and don't forget the toilet lid!