Thursday, August 18, 2011

Farewell, but not goodbye!

First of all, I want to QQ about missed opportunities...if only, if only!

Flaf and Khoa, this is for you! Had I stayed with the game longer I would have loved to showcase the lovely mages of the now dormant Artisans. This happened a little bit after I sent in my video submission for RoMNation, and I only wish I could have helped show the community how truly viable mages are. And from what I hear now, Flaf is living up to her title as the "Brazilian Bombshell!"

On another note, I would like to confirm that I have in fact left RoM - but not for good. I recently logged back in to keep in touch with a few people near and dear to my heart. Once an Artisan, always an Artisan! We scraped our way from the Sieging Zero Bracket to the top of our server! We completed every single instance with the level appropriate group from Windmill to Kawak's Tomb! I'm proud to have shared a gaming experience with you all, and it makes me happy to see that most have moved together to the same guild - I know you all are taking good care of each other!

For now I'm focusing on myself for a bit before preparing to enter Guild Wars 2. If you see a dainty, pink little sylvari named Flan (or any derivative thereof), please think of me! I'll be setting up another blog for GW2 as well - The Pink Plant.

So this is not me saying "Goodbye" forever, but rather see you in another life!

PS: I didn't know Artisans was featured in the Postcards section of RoMNation Episode Three! Go Artisans!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Taborean Geology

What monstrosity left this massive shell behind? In the northern reaches of Ravenfell rests a gigantic shell about the size of Tiktaalik residence - and as you can see, it's bigger than the palm trees.

Perhaps there need to be more Taborean geologists to study the sediment and fossils found on our maps. My theory is that maybe Ravenfell was once completely submerged by the sea, as evidenced by the very round and smooth mountains that suggest water wear, and a big aquatic shell wedged between two of those mountains.

My idea is that a huge currently undiscovered sea creature was swimming along between the two mountains (which would have been more like an underwater canyon) and got stuck, eventually expiring and leaving its hollow shell behind. It doesn't seem feasible to expect the primitive Tiktaaliks to have the technology to lift and strategically place a shell of that magnitude in a position that can withstand the elements. The only way to prove (or disprove) my theory is to have Taborean geologists study the sediment layers on the mountains and see what history they may uncover!

Friday, May 27, 2011

If you're not drunk ladies and gentlemen...

When I walk in the club
All eyes on me.
Im with the party rock crew
All drinks are free!
We like Ciroc -
We love Patron -
We came to party rock
Everybody, it's on...
Let's go!

Shots shots shots shots shots shots
shots shots shots shots shots
shots shots shots shots shots
Everybody! Everybody!

Youtube for those who don't know this song! ;p

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Did a little exploring after an LoDD run - behind the volcano entrance are a few lavafalls! Careful, they're pretty hot, and I had to run from a little rock patch to patch over lava to get a good shot.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scout QQ, Mage Pew-pew!

The new set of preliminary patch notes had the server in a big debate today. What's going to happen now that scouts will no longer get an attack boost by stacking dexterity, and their arrows no longer completely ignore p.def? There were many players that re-rolled as scouts just for their massive dps capabilities, but little by little the game is starting to show mages a bit more love.

Imo, I think this scout balancing has been a long time coming. No game should be made so that one class rules over the rest, and the way scouts had it, it was almost as if they were favored. But what's going to happen now? Scouts are getting balanced, and mages are getting buffed - great. But running instances like RT Diamond almost forces you to have a full party of high-dps scouts that can drop the bosses in the immunity rotation time frame. And while I believe it's about time mages are getting buffed, I don't think it'll be enough to compensate for the dps lost from scouts in Diamond runs.

Or maybe it will, who knows until we try.

I'm happy to see that most of the mages in our guild stuck it out through Chp3 :] I'm all about balanced groups, and was never a proponent of recruiting and gearing up only scouts. I love the rainbow of names I see on the guild roster! :D

I'm hoping for a HoS-like instance in Chapter4. Take either Khoa or Flaf there and our tanks can basically pull the whole instance and watch them purg everything down to ash. I'm very much considering rolling mage for my third class - I'm hoping to run as a Mage/Knight and try my hand as dps'ing >:]

(Thank you Khoa and Flaf for being my models!)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Varanas, Silverspring

Doesn't Varanas remind you of DisneyWorld sometimes? I love the castles and architecture in RoM :]

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Ancient Dreamland, Part II: Guide

Lv5 Ancient Dreamland Boss
Kalek's Nightmare
HP: 5mil

The only real skill to watch out for is when he encases a player in a light-blue gloop stone. It completely immobilizes you, like the Demon Grasp from the last boss in HoDL, and the bubble cage from Paicha in RT.

Lv10 Ancient Dreamland Boss
Herugrim Dreamlava
HP: 5.5mil

Think of the last boss strategy in DoD. He places a dark cloud on a patch of ground with purple tendrils pulsating through it. Players caught in the dark cloud must move away, as it puts a DoT and slows your casting speed.

Lv15 Ancient Dreamland Boss
Mayvel Nightmaremuse
HP: 4mil

She places a purple skull debuff on a random player, making it so that while the debuffed target it near her, it will heal her. The way to get rid of this is for that player to run to the back of the arena and wait for the debuff to disappear - it only takes a quick moment. Be sure to keep running, because she can teleport you back to her. An unconfirmed strat is to cleanse the debuff off.

Lv20 Ancient Dreamland Boss
Hlethfir Deliriumscribe
HP: 6mil

At certain points he spawns clones of himself, and at that time the real boss is unable to be damaged. The clones must die first - and it's useful to mark the real boss before the fight begins.

Lv25 Ancient Dreamland Boss
Infected Dreamland Guardian
HP: 6.5mil

My memory is still a little hazy on how exactly this boss will react. From what I remember, he spawns un-killable adds that need to be ignored. All dps should only focus on killing the boss, and the healer should be able to out-heal the damage the mobs are doing.

Lv30 Ancient Dreamland Boss
Nightmare Beast Atollop
HP: 7mil

From what I've seen, he does a few things the previous bosses have done. He spawns the dark clouds beneath players like in lv10, and I believe he also spawns adds that cannot be killed. Big dps race here, not sure what happens the longer the fight goes on. Still need to confirm a few things.