Friday, December 31, 2010

Hiding the Lavender Locks

The other night, GT found a Knight's Falcon Helmet being sold for 2mil. Fortunately/unfortunately it had a few cheap Dalanis VII stats on it, but considering that a few Purified Fusion Stones were already used on it - and those go for about 2mil each by themselves - it was an exceptional deal.

PK trading it was a nightmare though. I went with him to the Frogsteramerica guild castle just in case the seller tried any funny business - and it almost seemed like he did. Claimed that the helmet already dropped after about a million tries, but then later 'realized' he had accidentally moved it in his bag. Innocent until proven guilty I suppose, and I guess I should be thankful nothing ugly happened.

I burst out laughing as soon as he put it on - it just so happens that the helm was aggregated! GT now has a bright red hood to cover up his bright purple hair. Thanks for being such a good sport, ahaha :D

Belated Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, and here's to wishing all a Happy New Year! Thought I'd nab a screenshot of the Christmas event decoration before it's taken down for who knows how long. I've only been playing RoM for a few months, so I'm not sure if the Christmas decoration was the same as last years'.

Reroll Your Race

I always found it a little boring to only have two playable races in RoM - humans and elves. My gaming philosophy is this: Why play a human (or a race that looks very similar to humans) when I am a human already? I'm already rolled as one irl, might as well pick something a bit exotic.

Now, Runes of Magic seems to have a good variety of npc races already - from the tribal folk in Dust Devil Canyon, the web-y Tiktaalik in Weeping Coast, to the Angren and R'hanka in Northern Janost Forest; and that's not to mention the mysterious large rhinoceros race you find scattered around Dalanis.

If I could reroll my race, though, I think my first option would be a harpy. Just imagine the different color schemes you can come up with for the feathers and talons, not to mention the wing armor that could be available to this race. A good new class for this race could be the Bard, since birds like to sing ;]

The only downside I see by choosing to roll a harpy would be the fact that everyone and their brother would want to roll it as well. With that being said, my safe race reroll choice would have to be the Limon! I have a huge soft spot for dogs, and I just love how tall and elegant the female Limon toons are :D

Fresh Meat...Part 2

Here's Lagspike again, we're about to farm NoM for a bit.
Kiffkin's a different kind of "fresh" though. Har har!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fresh Meat

Welcome to our new OP mage (Hidenfear) and our overused excuse for when we wipe in instances (Lagspike)! Crunkk can be a noob too.

Cue Katy Perry

Baby, you're a fiiiiiiiirework!

Snypz set off a few fireworks in OS the other night. We were waiting for the other guildies to gather up for our port to ZS the other night - it was a fun, even though the run was a bit glitchy!

In Sequential Order

Thought the floor was pretty cool here. A rotating floor of the map of Taborea. Might go back in there to get a shot of it! ZS has been cleared!

Cave of the Water Dragon, I'd have to say, had some of the most beautiful graphics as instances go. Highly recommend it, so long as everyone stays coordinated - we rolled in there with a bunch of lv60+ yet some "Hemotoxin" attack wrecked us until we got a stun rotation going. Goodnight Lytfir, CotWD cleared!


With weary determinism, the group finally made it to the infamous last boss of Hall of Survivors - Andamelphor. We put in a good bunch of tries to down him this time, but it was late and everyone was tired. We left the lonely lord of HoS to keep the seat warm for our inevitable return...

...need I say more? A nice pair of overdura Destruction Boots dropped - and a mage won the roll. What's wrong with that picture? ;p

Balothar Fail

Just between you and me...this never really happened. You're not seeing this, you just think you do. The cake is a lie. There is no spoon. Will you take the blue pill, or the red pill?

(Dein, why are you so far away?? ;p)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cold Iron Punisher DOWN!!

This might have been the millionth time or something, but the beast FINALLY fell! Who knew getting past that point was as simple as a lightning/discharge rotation. Guess we need to whip our mages back into shape!

Goodbye pain and agony!

Lovely Lavender Locks

Gotta love our tanks, Part 2.

Leather Love

Gotta love our tanks.

Bragging Rights

Ah, the daily memento grind. Pretty sick of only one event raid working on the ONLY channel in Dalanis. Keeping my fingers crossed for a server restart soon. Grats to GT for killing the slime this round!

Aaaaand grats to S8 for nabbing this one!