Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hall of the Demon Lord, down!!

Woohoo! Only a few days after we first set foot into Hall of the Demon Lord (Aotulia Volcano), we cleared it! I can now officially say that the Artisans has cleared every single instance from Windmill to HoDL! Though we got brutally murdered in RT, we're slowly progressing through it. Slowlyyyyy!

Below is the guildie group shot around the body of Sirloth - minus Crunkk! He had to leave right as soon as we downed him :[ It's okay Crunkk, I got a separate screenshot of you! Let's see...for us, this boss dropped and OD Knight's Falcon Chest Piece, the Holy Source Robe, and a Sword of Fear. Come to think of it, we got some really nice loot this time around - OD Holy Source Hat, OD Peril Buster, Atrocity Shoulders...there's more, but that's about all I remember, lol

Aaaand here's Crunkk! Thanks for coming along, and bringing your leet dps! (and there's me in the background >:] )

Thought this was a pretty cool shot. I took a little inspiration from this blog and took a screenshot of the ceiling in Sirloth's room. I think my view distance is a little further, because in my screenshot you can see the snakes dangling from the ceiling like a chandelier... Hot or not? Will we be seeing this in Spring IKEA Catalogue soon? ;p

Next is my throne. I mean, Sirloth's throne. It's a shame it's all the way across a chasm of molten lava, else I would have taken a screenshot with me sitting in my rightful place. :'[ Does this call for a wall-hack installation? (jk!)

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