Thursday, August 18, 2011

Farewell, but not goodbye!

First of all, I want to QQ about missed opportunities...if only, if only!

Flaf and Khoa, this is for you! Had I stayed with the game longer I would have loved to showcase the lovely mages of the now dormant Artisans. This happened a little bit after I sent in my video submission for RoMNation, and I only wish I could have helped show the community how truly viable mages are. And from what I hear now, Flaf is living up to her title as the "Brazilian Bombshell!"

On another note, I would like to confirm that I have in fact left RoM - but not for good. I recently logged back in to keep in touch with a few people near and dear to my heart. Once an Artisan, always an Artisan! We scraped our way from the Sieging Zero Bracket to the top of our server! We completed every single instance with the level appropriate group from Windmill to Kawak's Tomb! I'm proud to have shared a gaming experience with you all, and it makes me happy to see that most have moved together to the same guild - I know you all are taking good care of each other!

For now I'm focusing on myself for a bit before preparing to enter Guild Wars 2. If you see a dainty, pink little sylvari named Flan (or any derivative thereof), please think of me! I'll be setting up another blog for GW2 as well - The Pink Plant.

So this is not me saying "Goodbye" forever, but rather see you in another life!

PS: I didn't know Artisans was featured in the Postcards section of RoMNation Episode Three! Go Artisans!