Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Ancient Dreamland, Part II: Guide

Lv5 Ancient Dreamland Boss
Kalek's Nightmare
HP: 5mil

The only real skill to watch out for is when he encases a player in a light-blue gloop stone. It completely immobilizes you, like the Demon Grasp from the last boss in HoDL, and the bubble cage from Paicha in RT.

Lv10 Ancient Dreamland Boss
Herugrim Dreamlava
HP: 5.5mil

Think of the last boss strategy in DoD. He places a dark cloud on a patch of ground with purple tendrils pulsating through it. Players caught in the dark cloud must move away, as it puts a DoT and slows your casting speed.

Lv15 Ancient Dreamland Boss
Mayvel Nightmaremuse
HP: 4mil

She places a purple skull debuff on a random player, making it so that while the debuffed target it near her, it will heal her. The way to get rid of this is for that player to run to the back of the arena and wait for the debuff to disappear - it only takes a quick moment. Be sure to keep running, because she can teleport you back to her. An unconfirmed strat is to cleanse the debuff off.

Lv20 Ancient Dreamland Boss
Hlethfir Deliriumscribe
HP: 6mil

At certain points he spawns clones of himself, and at that time the real boss is unable to be damaged. The clones must die first - and it's useful to mark the real boss before the fight begins.

Lv25 Ancient Dreamland Boss
Infected Dreamland Guardian
HP: 6.5mil

My memory is still a little hazy on how exactly this boss will react. From what I remember, he spawns un-killable adds that need to be ignored. All dps should only focus on killing the boss, and the healer should be able to out-heal the damage the mobs are doing.

Lv30 Ancient Dreamland Boss
Nightmare Beast Atollop
HP: 7mil

From what I've seen, he does a few things the previous bosses have done. He spawns the dark clouds beneath players like in lv10, and I believe he also spawns adds that cannot be killed. Big dps race here, not sure what happens the longer the fight goes on. Still need to confirm a few things.

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