Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scout QQ, Mage Pew-pew!

The new set of preliminary patch notes had the server in a big debate today. What's going to happen now that scouts will no longer get an attack boost by stacking dexterity, and their arrows no longer completely ignore p.def? There were many players that re-rolled as scouts just for their massive dps capabilities, but little by little the game is starting to show mages a bit more love.

Imo, I think this scout balancing has been a long time coming. No game should be made so that one class rules over the rest, and the way scouts had it, it was almost as if they were favored. But what's going to happen now? Scouts are getting balanced, and mages are getting buffed - great. But running instances like RT Diamond almost forces you to have a full party of high-dps scouts that can drop the bosses in the immunity rotation time frame. And while I believe it's about time mages are getting buffed, I don't think it'll be enough to compensate for the dps lost from scouts in Diamond runs.

Or maybe it will, who knows until we try.

I'm happy to see that most of the mages in our guild stuck it out through Chp3 :] I'm all about balanced groups, and was never a proponent of recruiting and gearing up only scouts. I love the rainbow of names I see on the guild roster! :D

I'm hoping for a HoS-like instance in Chapter4. Take either Khoa or Flaf there and our tanks can basically pull the whole instance and watch them purg everything down to ash. I'm very much considering rolling mage for my third class - I'm hoping to run as a Mage/Knight and try my hand as dps'ing >:]

(Thank you Khoa and Flaf for being my models!)

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