Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Flower Festival

Out of all the mini-events per patch, I'd have to say my favorite would be the Flower Festival. I'm a sucker for anything cute and pastel-colored, so what more could I ask for when we were given bunnies and flower petals? :D Not only that, they had some pretty cute outfits for sale and for prizes as well...I love this hat!

I love to jump in-game, it's the closest thing I can do to look like I'm flying, lol. I've made an obstacle jumping course in the Artisan guild castle to show my love for jumping, so when I saw that the Flower Festival involved a jumping course...I was all over it! By doing this we got a few event items, and an extremely lovely mount speed buff that stacks with the 30% mount potion and Galloping Gale.


It's a nice view from the top. Looking up I'm surrounded by pretty pastel petals, and looking down I can view the pretty glowing stepping stones that lead to the top of the tree. A few people found jumping up to the top a bit too difficult, and started spamming Zone chat for a port to the end ;] Cheaters!

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