Thursday, May 19, 2011


A momentous era in Artisan history! We have just, as a guild, cleared Raksha Temple: Diamond Mode! It was surprisingly easier than I had anticipated, I was afraid for a moment that our dps wouldn't be enough...but who was I fooling, even with two priests we had Reactive, Ragingsoul and Washnock to be our machine guns :]

All in all, it was a very smooth run. It took a little longer than expected since life happened to interfere now and again (yay for afk's!), but we had no wipes and got a few tasty OD gear; Raksha's Earrings and Lekani Handguards

Other than that...the stat and gear drops made me QQ a bit. :< We were hoping to get a Fury of the Defender of the Jungle for Reactive so he could finally ditch his noob Desert Bow! ;] One day, Reactive, I promise we'll farm this for you until it drops! :D

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