Friday, February 18, 2011

Triple Class System

It has been confirmed - the release of Chapter IV scheduled for April 6th will not only bring in a new map and starter area, but it was also introduce a TRIPLE class system. Confirmation is in The RoMCast #6. Also pay very close attention from 13:00-13:40. He says it somewhat quickly in passing, but if you listen carefully you'll hear that not only will you have the General Skills and Class Specific Skills for both your current primary and active secondary class, you will also have the General Skills from your tertiary (third) class. Blow your mind much?

Then again, he did mention in the beginning that this is his interpretation of what the new patch is going to bring. This is in no way a developer's podcast, and maybe....just maybe.....Swag is trying to stir up a little fuss for more RoM publicity ;p


The RoMCast got a bunch of us a bit confused. We won't have access to the general skills of our third class, we can only have two classes activated at any given moment, just like it is now. BUT, I am still under the impression that we will get all the general and class specific skills from our active secondary class. See below screenshot for some details from GM Nytefall.

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  1. "You will have two active classes, just as you do now. The skills and elites for them will be the same. Same with the abilities you can use from your secondary class."

    I don't know how much clearer the GMs can be. Nytefall is saying that the class system will be exactly the same as it is now, except that you have one more class to choose from for your primary/secondary.

    You will still only be able to use general skills from your secondary.

    We've also had confirmation from Swag on the RoM forums that this is how it will be, and also insight from other players who have given us the info that in the Asian versions of RoM, you can get all 6 classes on one character but the primary/secondary system is still the same.