Friday, February 18, 2011

The bane of all lowbies.

Fondly known as: Lulz, I Chain Fear U.

From the trio of dailies which arrived with the Festival of Fire came this beast of a quest! Because Thysdyr is unable to be killed with our normal attacks, we have to pick up a quest which gives us a "Pyre Magic Ball" to cast and use to take the lion down. Now, not only does this lion chain fear, but he also stuns you for a few seconds, and puts a pretty unpleasant DoT on you as well (I've seen lv62's get ticked down to below 1/4 of their life, lol). As you can see from the screenshot, he has a pretty big AoE range - so lowbies beware! He WILL quickly kill you!

There are currently two locations I know where Thysdyr spawns: one is directly northwest of Dorian's Farm in Silverspring, and the other is right by the entrance to Ravenfell from Silverspring (right next to Yuri). Sometimes you need to kill him twice if the quest item doesn't drop for you from the first kill.

Imo, the fire dailies are really worth doing. By doing three, quick quests and handing the vouchers you receive from them, you have a chance of winning Bank Slot Scrolls, Bag Slot Scrolls, Lanterns (furniture), Phoenix Redemption Tickets, Guild Teleport Stones, Teleport Stones, runes....or if you're lucky, you get a 7-day Thysdyr mount, lol. Tame that bad boy!

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