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I've made it a point from the moment I started RoM to collect and save every and any book I come across. The result of this habit is an over-crowded bank box that desperately needs space for stat storage. So now I've decided to transcribe the contents of the books I collect so I can feel less bad about trashing them, ahaha! I love to archive, and maybe this will give other players a chance to actually peruse through text they haven't otherwise read before :]

[Guy's Work Log]

Experimenter No. 62

Subject: Fusion of Zanka and the specimen

Experiment Day 20:
We still can't get near's all the fault of those corpse controllers!

I don't care how many puppet troops they lose in attacking Zanka. I just care about when they'll get me close to Zanka so I can experiment!

If it wasn't for the fact that they keep bringing interesting stone tablet fragments from that dragon's cave, I'd hit them with a rotten tendon to show my dissatisfaction.

Experiment Day 23:
That damn annoying incompetent recorder came to push me to turn in my work log again!

Why don't they go tell the controllers? Tell them to wound Zanka! Otherwise, how can I get close to Zanka?

Speaking of those stupid controllers, how many corpses are they going to use to kill Zanka? The situation doesn't look good, and there are fewer and fewer corpses. Don't tell me they ahve to spend a few days collecting corpses to make more puppet soldiers.

I only have these stone tablet fragments to ease my frustration.

Experiment Day 27
From what I can gather from the contents of these stone tablets, it seems they are a record relating to Fernando Cosmo. Fernando Cosmo once went to the cave of Zanka to investigate what kind of wisdom the lindworm possessed.

This is very interesting. Perhaps I can hypothesise* that Fernando Cosmo was able to transform into a half-dragon using the blood of the highly intelligent lindworm Zanka.

Yes, maybe the blood of Zanka can increase the possibility of creating a half-dragon...not a bad plan for a new experiment.

Experiment Day 29:
Damn, those controllers really do have to waste a few days to make more puppet troops!?

When will I be able to begin my experimental fusion of Zanka and the specimen?

That annoying recorder was buzzing around me like a mosquito all day. Don't these controllers want to order the corpses to go kill the recorder?

Experiment Day 31:
If it was possible, I'd kill those stupid controllers myself!

If they really can't kill Zanka, can't they at least get some of its blood for my experiment? What use is the blood on a knife blade?

Have they never heard of bottles?

Never mind, I don't care. Whenever those idiot controllers can kill Zanka, that's when I'll start working.

It's not my fault I can't start the experiment. Those recorders can go to hell!

*Note: Typographical errors found in the text are left as-is.

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