Friday, December 31, 2010

Hiding the Lavender Locks

The other night, GT found a Knight's Falcon Helmet being sold for 2mil. Fortunately/unfortunately it had a few cheap Dalanis VII stats on it, but considering that a few Purified Fusion Stones were already used on it - and those go for about 2mil each by themselves - it was an exceptional deal.

PK trading it was a nightmare though. I went with him to the Frogsteramerica guild castle just in case the seller tried any funny business - and it almost seemed like he did. Claimed that the helmet already dropped after about a million tries, but then later 'realized' he had accidentally moved it in his bag. Innocent until proven guilty I suppose, and I guess I should be thankful nothing ugly happened.

I burst out laughing as soon as he put it on - it just so happens that the helm was aggregated! GT now has a bright red hood to cover up his bright purple hair. Thanks for being such a good sport, ahaha :D

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